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Wilkinson County Gravestone Information Added!

Georgia Roots has added gravestone information for Wilkinson County, GA, for the Lavender surname to our records!  Come visit us and see what's happening!

Georgia Roots is growing !!!!

Georgia Roots is growing!  The site has been fully made over and new content is being added daily.  Please come by and check us out!

You can now register with the site and post comments on articles and blog entries.  RSS feeds are now enabled on our surname lists and you can follow us as we grow and add content.

Site Make Over

Wow! -- After having been away for a long time, we are finally able to update the site and give it a completely new look and feel!  Please be patient while we make our updates and let us know if you are having any problems!  Thanks!

Census Information added!

Census information added to Georgia Roots!  We've begun adding census information for the Bridges families in Georgia.  Census records from 1820 through 1930 are currently being compiled and added to the site.  If you have Bridges (or allied family) information (or corrections) you would like added, please If you liked this post, buy me some gas!

Georgia Roots adds Jackson Guards Muster Roll - 1861

The muster roll of the Jackson Guards (Company B) of the 1st Regiment, 1st Brigade, Georgia State Troops (Washington Co, GA) has now been added to the site, along with more information on our Washington County, GA Tree.  Our Montgomery Co, GA, tree has also grown considerably.  Come join our family!

Georgia Roots of Montgomery and Washington County Now Online!

Welcome to Georgia Roots -- Home of the Bridges Families of Montgomery and Washington County, Georgia, Our Ancestors, Descendants and Allied Families. 


This site is a compilation of information gathered during our genealogy search.  If you find that you are related to anyone in the family tree, please feel free to contact us and join our online family.

Updated Photos in Family Tree Database

Please check out the family tree database.  All photos have been updated and linked.  If you find a photo linked to the wrong individual, please contact me --



Glenwood City Cemetery, Glenwood, Wheeler Co., GA

In August, 2008, we visited Glenwood City Cemetery.  Located in Wheeler Co, GA, this cemetery is divided into three parts.  Originally, this was the Glenwood Methodist Church Cemetery.  The wood frame church burned down and was rebuilt in town.  The cemetery remained and two more parts were later added.  Glenwood City Cemetery and Ryals Memorial Cemetery.  All thre

Site Navigation

Site navigation is looking good.  I feel that the way the site is currently laid out with surnames and articles will be the way it stays.  Drupal has been a HUGE learning curve but I'm finally getting the hang of it.  If you're interested in how this site is being set up, please feel free to contact me.  In keeping with my basic principle of designing this using free softwar


Well, tonight I finally got the links between Drupal and PHPGedview working so that they flow back and forth. I'll be adding more content on the surname pages soon.

Transition to Drupal

Well, after a lot of trial and error, I have decided to build this site in Drupal. the main reason for this being the ability to restrict areas of the site based on user's names. The functionality of this Joomla calls for an extension which (at this time) requires a purchase. One of my goals is to build a fully functional site using only free software.

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