Another Big Lawsuit Begun

Montgomery County GA Newspaper Clipping -- Thurday, March 26, 1891

The Dodges have filed in the Federal Court in Macon, a bill involving titles to several thousand acres of land owned by thirty prominent citizens of this county, and asking that they be enjoined from selling timber and turpentine privileges to Peacock & Peterson.  Those whose lands are thus claimed are:

D. M. Currie
John F. Currie
H. L. Sears
N. G. Heath
F. B Clarke
W. E. Wright
H. T. Wright
R. F. McDaniel
D. F. Morrison
Frank Morrison
George W. Cooper
A. M. Johnson
Mrs. S. E. Livingston
Abram Grant
A. L. Morrison
John Pope
Dan Pope
David Gillis
William H. Cooper
Thomas Morrison
L. S. McDaniel
Jeremiah McDaniel
V. H. McDaniel
T. B. Kersey
Henry Lott
William Cooper
M. D. Gillis
M. L. Odum
Matthew A. Lowery

Several of these parties have been in possession of the lands for which they are now sued, almost from the time immemorial, and this suit is looked upon as a persecution and an outrage, by most people in our county.

The complainants are represented by R. K. Hines, Hill Harris & Burch and DeLacy & Bishop.  The defendants have employed Clarke and Norman of this place and P. W. Meldrim of Savannah.